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Old 09-12-16, 07:28 PM
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Watercooling Virgin!

First things first, a huge thanks to Tom again and message received loud and clear. I know I know I've shied away from custom loops for far too long and I guess now I'm in at the deep end. Still, huge thanks and props in doing this as well as Fractal and Alphacool.

So that out the way here's my little vid.

I know I tend to waffle and get lost for words then waffle some more but it's real hard to know what to say when you're in front of a camera and have so much you'd like to get out. I digress, I'd still love to know what all you guys think and any and all advice would be appreciated.

Much love and thanks Wraith.

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Old 09-12-16, 09:11 PM
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A custom loop is less daunting then what you imagine it is. Colour wise it's down to personal taste I prefer distilled water and either clear or coloured tubing
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Old 09-12-16, 09:20 PM
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1st rule of point Plan the loop fella

Edit: A good set of tube cutters is a great benefit so you get flush cuts

Build Log: http://forum.overclock3d.net/showthread.php?t=72241

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Old 09-12-16, 09:39 PM
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My 1st rule would be to copy what Tom did. He already put together what is probably the tidiest dual rad loop you can do in that case. Not exactly an original choice I know, but it's a great move IMO for a rookie getting his feet wet.
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Old 10-12-16, 12:46 AM
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Awww shucks you beautiful man you!!

But water cooling is evil and should be avoided!!! ........... OK maybe I'm just a little bitter after my pump died today and spent all evening doing a ghetto loop with bits and pieces I have lying around.

To be honest, the loop that Tom did in the vid is super sleek and tidy, so stick with the layout.

As for colours, get some colour in there. Clear tubing with a nice coolant, always a winner!
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Old 10-12-16, 07:14 AM
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Think about using quick disconnects.

They make taking apart components very easy and are also useful for draining the loop.
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Old 10-12-16, 09:40 AM
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Just buy a pressure tester. It's a far easier, cleaner way to test your loop.

Can't watch the vid atm (no sound to speakers on this rig and postie coming so can't put cans on) but yeah, pressure tester. Then make up a blocked pipe you can screw into the loop to seal it then pump it up.

Also, and possibly the best piece of advice I was given is to buy far more fittings than you think you need. That way if you mess up or need to divert the hosing you have what you need.

Don't use 19mm hose. It looks amazing, pig to work with.

Try and buy fittings you can do up with spanners, saves you killing your hands.

When you plan the loop make sure you have left plenty of room for the fittings themselves (less important if you are using a standard case and not changing it drastically like I did)

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Old 10-12-16, 10:57 AM
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Eyyyyyyyyyyy it arrived!

Lets get the boys feet wet!

Or maybe lets not :/
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Old 10-12-16, 11:39 AM
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Wraith is Elvis Costello !


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Old 10-12-16, 03:06 PM
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this made my day

tbh there are a lot of red and black rigs out that and monochrome looks wayyyy better imo.
from personal exp i found hard lining a lot easier, adding a draining system will make life a lot easier and saves time!

measure 3 times and cut ones.

before adding water go over all the fitting and make sure the done up hand tight, i almost killed an Corsair AX760 because i forgot to check one fitting on the gpu

make a check/to do list on what you're using and in what order

and most importantly take your time!
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