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Old 08-09-15, 03:15 AM
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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
Here are my plans.

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Old 08-09-15, 01:13 PM
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I would love to get the creative juices running and do something for this competition but I cannot think of anything creative enough to do this case justice with what I already have and my foreseeable budget. Good luck to everyone who enters
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Old 08-09-15, 05:01 PM
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Ok, I've been having a think of what I could do with these parts and what came straight to mind was a themed PC.

Since I am a HUGE Anime fan I though an Anime theme was in order, with one of my favourite right now being SAO (Sword Art Online).

At first I was considering cutting out the front panel and replacing it with mesh, but later I though that I wanted to keep the front of the case distinctly Fractal, so I decided to keep the front panel mostly as it is.

In SAO there is the real world and the virtual world, so with an SOA theme I though a more plain exterior would be suitable, presenting a large contrast to the inside of the case, which will have a lot of small mods and contain items from inside the SOA universe.

On the outside of the case there will be two main changes that are visible, will be that the left side panel will be replaced with a full sized tinted window and the case will have a few custom decals on the front and right side panels.

On the inside I would like to create a custom PSU shroud, to cover any cable clutter and to make the build look much tidier.

On the inside I wish to add some of Sword Art Online's in-game crystal items, which will likely be placed on top of the PSU Shroud.

The plan with these is to drill out part of the bottom of the crystals and to place an LED inside, which will give them a subtle glow.

Right now I am not sure what exactly I will do with the AIO, but adding a larger radiator will or at least changing the tubing will be on the agenda.

As far as the top of the case is concerned I would like to replace those plastic blocking pieces with custom mesh, attempting to give the case a custom look which looks standard.

As far as prior experience goes I do not have much but here is my current PC, it is using a custom MSI H440 and has custom skinned SSDs. I did not mod the case myself, so I cannot take credit for that.

Twitter - @WYP_PC
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Old 22-09-15, 11:08 PM
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Only 5 days remain. I thought there'd be more entries than this.
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Old 23-09-15, 03:34 AM
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Iv'e been planning a build, with the Define S, so here goes.

To start with I would remove the back panel, as well as the top and the motherboard tray, then the what was the rear IO and motherboard tray would be made to fit in the centre of the case at the top, that would allow me to have a radiator either side of the case, making it fully symmetrical, but in order to pull this off I would have to buy second case in order to remove the front internal section and front bezel, so it can then be added to what was the rear of the case, making it a mirror image to the original.

With the remaining, parts of the second case I would build a top plinth/shroud to give the now top IO enough room for the cables to come out of the rear. The psu would be behind the motherboard tray, on its side with a power lead extension going out of the right hand side, thus allowing the case to be flat against the wall. To make the top plinth/bezel blend in a bit, I would get the front, and side face lazer cut, with a similar vent design.

As for the front panel, it would be 10mm acrylic, with polished edges, with an inner border of about 30mm made out of brushed ally to match the end panels, this would firstly hide the internal case frame with the door panel cut outs, and secondly, it would allow me to put a row of LED's around all 4 sides, so the polished edges would glow.

As far as the hardware, I would use my current system for now, which is an MSI Z97 gameing 5, with an i5 4670k, 4 x 4GB sticks of 2666 TeamGroup memory, and dual R9 290's. As far as the rads, reservoirs, and dual D5's I would have to but them new. I would black out all of the motherboards heatsinks, and the 2 sticks of white ram. The water cooling fittings, would be either black chrome or matt black, I'm still undecided, the same goes for what reservoirs, maybe all Aquacomputer, as I like the stainless trim, if so I'd go for the ( name escapes me now, but they do hardline stainless fittings, that are super sexy ) clear hardline, and plain old clear fluid. My plan is for as stealth as possible, but looking super clean at the same time. As an end note the cables would be custom all black, and I'd use mu 2 256GB HyperX 3K ssd's just to finish it off.

Here is a very crude sketch of the intended plan.

Sorry for the size Photobucket wouldn't let me save a cropped and then resized image, something to do with Add Blocker.

Updated plan, with the twin pump and reservoirs removed, and a single 250mm reservoir, side mounted, with a DDC pump mounted in the rear panel along with the psu and drives. The fittings will now be Monsoon 16/13mm hardline economy, with 16mm black Monsoon PETG tubing.

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Old 23-09-15, 07:40 PM
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I would build a new rig with watercooling and led lights inside. The Define S case have a great design that will let the hardware shown in good lights.
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Old 23-09-15, 07:45 PM
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Define S + Define R5 Fuse

Well, I have had an idea for modding the Define R5 / Define S for some time. You take the Define S and attach it to the Define R5 with the back panel (the one covering the wires) side connecting to the Define R5 "window" side. Then you make it so that the front panels open from the side and meet in the middle.

You remove some the drive mounts in the Define S for cable management and cover up the PSU exhaust. Then you put a 360mm Rad in the front of the Define S, a 240M in the back part of the top of both the cases for extra cooling. The bottom will just be intake on the Define S.

The Define R5 will then be used as a "Storage / PSU box" like with the compartment behind the motherboard in the Node 804. You then a VERY clean looking build in the Define S as all the cables, power supply and drives are in the Define R5 part of the case.
You will also have excellent cooling due to extra water cooling support and still retain a huge amount of storage capabilities. You'll also have the possibility to have a dvd-reader / a 5 ˝" fan controller.

So, you'll have a stylish case without any weird things as there are with many cases, support for very many rads and at the same time a huge amount of drives, and there'll be almost no cables visible as they'll be coming though the cable routing grommets and all other cables will be behind the visible part of the case.

This is just what I would like to do if I ever had the time, money, skills and tools to do so.
Just a small idea, thanks for reading.

Though as I'm only 15 years I will probably not be able to do these things for some time due to money and tools... But I can still dream

- Madman
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Old 23-09-15, 08:07 PM
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First of, great way to motivate people to mod their case! Smiley

I have a question.
My current rig is a define 4, where my only problem with the case, is the fact that they have used self cutting screws for the side panels, so unless you are very careful, you will wear them out fairly fast, compared to machine screws.
Have Fractal fixed this?

I wish I had time to enter this competition, but I will be finishing my education within a month, so I will not have the time for it. Sadface smiley
4670k OC to 4.0Ghz
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Fractal Define R4 Black
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Old 23-09-15, 08:21 PM
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love these cases, but dont need anything right now im happy with my current build... I would only wind up re-doing what I did for this one

good luck - will be interested to see the results!
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Old 23-09-15, 08:53 PM
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First of all to be honest i do rly need this kit for my pc upgrade , i bought new PSU and new Graphics card and if i win this with the saved money i will take another graphics card and will make SLI. Second i will add a PSU cover and will cut holes with the fractial design logo and will add some plexi glass in the holes and will also add purple led lights there. After that i will take another purple led lights and will place em on the top of the inside of the case ( i don't know why purple but it is different from the standard red green blue boring colours ) . Third i will change my ram with led ram in purple colour Avexir probably. Next i will take out the graphics cards plastic covers and will colour them in purple (AGAIN WTF ) . After that since i got white asus z170A mobo i will take another led fan with white colour and place it at the rear. And cos this competition is powered by You guys i will add oc3d logo in front of the define s case.After that i don't know what, i will post my build anywhere :P . And almost forgot sorry for my bad English GL ALL!
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