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Originally Posted by CalVic View Post
Sure, I'll get some screenshots uploaded when I've finished working
That'll also include screenies of H.264 encoding via RealBench with manual voltage set. This is what kills my system at the moment, not even using synthetic stressing.

Currently, I have IC7 applied as TIM. The mount is good considering two cores are practically the same and the others are approx 1 to 2c difference.
Is there any possible way that you are not seating the AIO correct? example... Z97 sabertooth boards. The capacitors on the left side of the cpu interfere with EK waterblocks. If you install the block you have to drop the left side in first or the block will sit on top of the caps even when you tighten it down. IF you played games that were GPU intensive you didnt notice the temps, but play an mmo and I saw the temp go up fast and hard.

Since I used paste. the pressure from contact on the right side of the block spread to the left so it made me think my entire IHS was incontact when it was far from complete.

I'm just trying to think of basics that is causing your rise. 4790k runs warm, but no where near what you are getting.

If my intel cooler can keep it lower temps than yours with an AIO. There is something not right.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. However, there's plenty of spacing around the CPU socket. This is a H100i mounted to the same motherboard:

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