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Old 16-05-17, 05:04 PM
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Sorry for the big gap since the last update, someone decided to run away with all the photo's and then take his daily PC apart

Anyway, right back to it. Where were we?

Yes, building up cables!

Being the first and only Parvum with a front mounted PSU that made tackling the cables quite a unique task so we took a unique approach.

We wanted to achieve a really organic form, a contrast to the harsh straight lines of the loop but still purposefully direct.

Enough admiration for the moment, prep for coolant!

With the case completely together you can see just how exactly the GPU fits inside

I'm so used to seeing a PSU fan on the side, this just isn't right anymore.

Mayhems Pastel white incoming! Both little reservoirs filling simultaneously was great fun.

**coolant intensifies**

Well this was the end of our 2-day build, but a little package from Slovenia arrived today... J.

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Old 16-05-17, 05:12 PM
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Beautiful little build
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