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Old 21-04-17, 01:26 AM
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Good review. This is a great looking card.

I'm currently using a pair of G1 Gaming RX480 8GB cards in crossfire.
The performance isn't off the charts, but it's all I need on the 1080P screen I'm using them on. I'll be building a 1700X Ryzen in the next few days and I plan to use them in that. Then I'll probably get a 1440P screen for it.

As far as the GTX-1060 goes, I don't want it at all. It's lack of SLI gimped it for me. RX480 & 580's Crossfire capabilities make them the clear choice for me. (compared to 1060)

I'm not sure I'll get any of the RX580 cards. I think that waiting for AMD's next gen is the smart thing to do in my case.


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Old 22-04-17, 01:47 PM
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I wasn't sure if i was going to like this new GPU from PowerColor, I wasn't really a fan of the previous generation.

After watching your review and a few other reviewers i think now PowerColor has hit a home run with this RX580 i really like the design of this GPU cooler and the backplate looks really nice too.

Not sure if anyone else was thinking of this when they were watching the review.

I think if someone modded the GPU cooler and changed the black part of the cooler and make it white while keeping the red underneath i think it would look pretty sweet or maybe just me.
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