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The issue with Destiny 2 was the elimination of the grind, welfare exotics, overpriced DLC with campaign that lasted 2hours max, repetitive opponents with nothing really new at all. Overload of daily quests and missions that are all the same.

* In D1, hate to say it but it was an enjoyable nightmare trying to achieve some quests which provided you with a kick a** exotic.

* Xur was announced on the map without a need to hunt for him. And made exotics easy to get thus ruining the thrill of that moment you get one from an engram. Exotics were more common than raid gear.

* DLC was priced higher than many PC games and provided hardly any new content. It was basically £40 to unlock weapons that you already had downloaded onto your pc. and a short campaign with a few mutliplayer maps.

*Daily quests and world quests were the same on all planets and held nothing unique about them.

There is an absolutely fantastic story to be told, but they just failed to portray it like they envisioned. Forsaken only credit is that the story was quite a considerable length. Content wise its no different to the others.

Oh, and the raids were easy due to someone always being able to bug every boss to make it free loot. Some fights were fun but only when done as they should. Trying to find a group to do the raid legit was impossible. Everyone wanted to bug the fights for free gear.

All of the above, had nothing to do with Activision. It was all on Bungie. So breaking away from Blizz-Act will not improve anything if Bungie continue their way of working, and direction.

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