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Old 09-01-18, 10:26 PM
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Alphacool Eiswolf 120 GPX Pro

I cant stand the fan noise on my 1080 ti (evga sc black), this pc is my living room and I have also set it up as a plex server. Plex now uses gpu for encoding and I have ' family members streaming so it can use a fair bit of gpu power which = Noise

So after seeing TTL's review I ordered, also other write ups show it to be a pretty good performer as long as I don't get a duff unit. I have seen the stories of the faulty pumps, trapped air, no contact on the gpu die !!

Hopefully my unit should be good as these QC issues all seem to stem from early to mid 2017.

So if anybody has any tips for me and this unit id be really grateful.

Ill be fitting it in a NZXT Manta which currently has a X42 240 rad in the front, and my intention was to put the 120 in the top of the case, is this a good idea ?

Also, TTL mentions that these need to be topped up in his video, any ideas on the best way to do this ? Do I top up via the tube connection or on the pump ?

I'll post some before and after temps also when I get it installed this weekend.

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Old 10-01-18, 07:55 AM
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You will need an Alphacool Eisbaer Extension set and a reservoir you can connect it to. Then you can fill it up and remove the last pockets of air. Do keep in mind since those QDC spill a lot when you disconnect them, a small amount of air will be introduced back into your loop and you'll need to make sure it doesn't get stuck in the pump.

According to Alphacool's support they only use distilled water in those units, so you might want to replace it with some proper coolant.

Regarding the placement of the radiator, just make the radiator is above the pump and the hoses don't sit above the end tank.
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