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Old 01-12-17, 05:17 PM
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"Bosh, you're on to a winner" Build Advice

I used to build 386,486, and pentium pc's but stopped many years ago. I have wanted to put together a decent computer for quite a while and now its time.
I have watched dozens of TTL reviews and followed this board for a couple of years off and on and feel that the best info anywhere is found here.
Anyway this is what i had in mind and am looking to see if any of this is not right, because i'm just not sure. I am thanking anyone that comments, in advance
for your time and thoughts.

Asus hero 9, (formula or other rog board?)
Intel 7700K, 16-32gb ram
Nvidia or Asus 1070ti, 1440p is fine for my general work, etc
Asus rog p27q monitor,(have read about a couple of problems with this monitor?)
AIO cooler 240 (cm master), 1 m.2, 1 ssd,1 ext hdd, dvd/cd, power supply, extra fans, and a couple other 'bits and bobs'
Budget-Approx. 2000-2500 USD

Computer use: Home music studio,light video editing, a couple of aaa games, and the usual things, ie nothing to overbearing on system

My thinking was a 270 board and 7700k because i dont see the jump in quality or real performance with the 370 and 8700k? i could be way off, that is why
i am here. I feel like the new gear is an intel panic and money grab among other things, considering the z390 coming out next year with a couple more cores, why bother
370/8700? Is it necessary to 'keep up'? Computers i used to put together lasted years and just last month on this site,(Nov.8) the new star wars game is recommending
6 core amd and 4 core intel for minimums to run the game. So it may not be long that they will all need more cores, or am i wrong on that one too.

My questions, Will a hero 9 and 7700k, (or better) last for quite a while, or do i really need a hero 10 with the new intel hardware? or worse yet,
are my picks all wrong? The pc's i used to build lasted many years, is the new hw made for replacement every couple of years, or will my build last several years,
without breakdowns.

Finally, many thanks to TTL for his great and expert reviews, i never need to look anywhere else. Thanks again,,,,,Ray

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Old 01-12-17, 05:21 PM
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7700k is already old hat. Either go with a hex core Intel or go Ryzen 1600/1700 and a Strix B350.
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Welcome to the Forums Ray, another oldie to the fold means you get a double welcome. I do miss the old 386/486 days when RIGs were beepy and grindy

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Old 01-12-17, 05:25 PM
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I'd look into whatever software you're using to see if the video editing / home music studio software is multi-core friendly. If so, I'd do what Alien recommended and ditch the 7700k. Since you like to keep your systems for years, getting a quad core in the age of Ryzen might not be the best idea.
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Old 01-12-17, 06:18 PM
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I also agree that 8700K would be better bet. I would always go with rog board. Hero is all you will ever need. If you decide to stay with 7700K go with Hero VIII. I saw one recently for 140 euro. Hero IX is not 110 euro better. Epic board. Just update bios and save yourself 100 euros.
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Old 01-12-17, 06:51 PM
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Thank You

thank you for all the replies, I suspected these answers would be what I would recieve. Is it the larger core count,and newer for staying more current, or what i suggested is just outdated, thanks again
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Old 01-12-17, 07:04 PM
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Yeah, there's no reason to go 7700k right now. Either go with i5 8600k which is cheaper and performs more or less identically compared to 7700k, or go for the 8700k. The 8700k is 6core/12thread cpu instead of 7700k's 4/8, and costs only slightly more.

Ryzen is tied with 8700k in productive use and in 60Hz gaming. If you game at higher refresh rates, Intel is recommended.

Otherwise Ryzen is generally the better option, especially if you're willing to put time into overclocking - in that case 1600 and 1700 are great options and save a decent bit of cash compared to 8700k.

With Ryzen it's recommended to invest extra cash to quality b-die memory - with Intel that extra money goes towards a beefy cooler since they've skimped with thermal paste between the die and heat spreader again.
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Old 02-12-17, 01:29 PM
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Thanks Again

Last question, will a 8700k and good rog board see me into the next couple of years or will we be having this conversation in 2019? I am going to get the 8700k and a hero or formula board, and get on with it. thanks
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7700k, new build advice, z270

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