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Old 30-03-20, 05:37 PM
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Back to babysitting each rig after every WU now, It's either i can't get anything or what i do get the credit seems to be outtawhack. Granted it'll all come good in the end but JESUS it's bad enough with what happening in the world right now + being laid off but just let me sodding fold 24/7 without any problems.

#rantover time for a


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Old Yesterday, 07:57 PM
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I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been getting work units pretty quickly today, both on the CPU and GPU.

Only using an i7-5820 and a GTX 960, but I'm happy that I'm getting WUs.
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Old Yesterday, 10:09 PM
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No problems here getting work the last few days.

Some of the new coronavirus WUs are huge, completed a 14411 yesterday that was worth 363544 points on a 2070S. This thing has 411369 atoms
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