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2080 Ti Aorus Waterforce - clock spikes in 3dmark sometimes

I have a question. I am using Rtx 2080 Ti Waterforce and 9900K and Corsair 850RmX. ALL stock,no oc.
Drivers up to date,Windows 10 1903v.

Few days ago ,when i run Fire Strike GPU test 1 on loop, i saw a clock dip from 1980mhz to 1570mhz for 1ms. GPU LOAD not changed,it was 96%. Only gpu clock dip for a 1ms.
I checked in logs,and during that gpu power drop to 58%.

I cant reproduce this.

Yesterday i run TimeSpy looped gpu test 1. Clock during 40 minutes was 1920-1970mhz with random power usage. But one time it dropped to 1800mhz. Is this normal? Screens:


And that 1800mhz for 1ms:

Of course its POWER LIMIT only in this test. So i guess its not faulty hardware somewhere? In games i dont had any once such drops in clock.

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