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Old 12-07-17, 08:48 PM
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Ddr4 lpx 3200 or rgb 3000

I'm stuck deciding on my memory for my new build, should I get the 3200mhz corsair LPX memory or should I grab a set of Corsair RGB 3000mhz which will look amazing.

Will I notice the performance difference and could I overclock the rgb memory to 3200?

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Old 14-07-17, 04:56 PM
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In most cases, 200mhz won't be noticeable, unless you are utilizing the memory for large files or renderings. In that case, the difference will be aggregate over the length of time. If you're planning to use the new build for a general workstation, gaming, and maybe some lite photoshop/video editing, go with the kit that best fits your budget, space constraints (if any), and look appeal.

We do also offer Vengeance RGB in 3200mhz if you are hard set on that frequency.
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Old 23-07-17, 02:08 AM
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I would get the 3200 to give you a better chance of hitting 3466
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