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Old 15-07-21, 03:42 PM
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Motherboard & Cooler

My Parents are getting some money and have told me they want to buy my CPU, Mobo, Ram and Cooler off me for my dad to get an "Upgrade", since normally I give him my old parts for nothing but this time they want to pay me for them, but I will be adding more to it, in order to get the replacement parts.

So he will be going from 7700k to the MSI X570 Unify mobo and 3950x in my current cpu with the extra bits like ram and cooler etc.

I will be getting the 5950x and I am planning on getting the Gigabyte X570 Auros Elite motherboard as I quite liked that, when I built my brother in laws pc, it seems to run the cpu at a lower voltage than the MSI does meaning it runs abit cooler.

The issue is the cooler, since I was planning on the Artic 360mm AIO but seeing quite a few complaints around the net about it not fitting properly and possibly damaging some X570 boards.

Has anyone on here perhaps got the Elite Mobo and Artic 360mm AIO?

Should I be looking at the Corsair 360mm AIO instead or is there another board I should look at, just not Asus because frankly I don't want a board that will be dead just after 12 months?

The other option for the cooler is to just get another Deepcool Cstle 360mm EX which is what I currently have on the 3950x and seems to do a decent job.

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