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Old 08-02-14, 11:05 AM
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What would be the ideal SSD between this 2.

Right now these SSDs are on sale and i dont know whick one to get. Im sure i want the 240+ gb ones. please take a look and you might grab one yourself.



as you can see the crucial is about £30 cheaper than samsung but all the ssd comparison websites says that samsung is the best value for money.
If they have difference in speeds would i notice it on everyday use?
I mostly going to install OS, drivers, some steam games.

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Old 08-02-14, 11:17 AM
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Either will serve you fine and if you don't have an SSD yet, you're definitely not going to notice a difference between these to (mainly because you're only buying one of them and can't compare).

Point being; Both will give you a nice performance boost. Samsung do offer some nice software with it and those drives are really quick. It's up to you whether you think that's worth £30 or not.

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Old 08-02-14, 11:51 AM
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If i may ask do you know what kind of extra samsung has? And I want to pick the one that will last longer and has longer warranty just incase. If im correct samsung has 3years right?
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Old 09-02-14, 11:33 PM
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Crucial also offer a 3 year warranty with their SSDs most manufacturers do 3 years these days, as Feronix pointed out if you haven't already got a SSD your in for a real treat whether you choose the Samsung or Crucial either will give you a significant performance boost! I know I'll never go back to mechanical for my boot drive SSD is the future and soooooo quick.
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Old 10-02-14, 03:38 AM
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I have a Crucial M500 and would recommend it over the Samsung Evo drives simply because they are much cheaper for essentially the same thing.
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