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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Multi tasking is not the same as multi threading Alien.
Depending on how the OS handles it and distributes the load? yes it is. As I said, no one ever talks about it but it's pivotal.

BITD when I used dual Xeons and P2s (98-2005) you had to run Windows 2000. I don't remember if NT knew what to do with them.. In fact no, it had to be 2k if you were a workstation user. And then you needed the apps to support dual cores, but without the correct OS it wouldn't work properly any way.

Windows is designed to distribute loads, and the more cores it has the more it can allocate for tasks and apps/programs etc.

There is one test. Realbench has a heavy multi tasking test, and believe me it responds to cores alright.

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No they are different. You said so yourself in your explanation there. Multi tasking is doing more than one thing at a time. You can still run multiple things off one core. Not everything gets it's own thread.
And because modern CPUs run off a FCFS system (first come first served), you technically aren't even multi tasking. And because they are super fast at doing that in modern CPUs, adding more threads changes nothing in a Window environment. Intel may have less threads it's still faster.
Saying Ryzen is faster in multithreading when in reality Windows barely uses any threads is a poor argument. Intel is more responsive and faster in general. I love Ryzen as much as the next guy but this is really a poor argument to take

Don't really care about back in the day it's not relevant to modern OS's honestly.
Real bench is terrible software.
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