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Old 18-09-20, 04:51 PM
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Serves the greedy bastards right!!!!!!

My opinions are my own. I do NOT care what you think of them and I will post them freely. If you do not like it...tough.
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I do love me some "two wrongs make a right"
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Originally Posted by Peace Š View Post
How does it work, though? The bot creates an account, which can instantly place bids and if the auction timer runs out, you'd still have to pay, right? Maybe that's just a Germany thing, but I thought by placing a bid you're willing to accept a purchase contract and therefore have to pay IF you win the auction.

Watch this video from JayzTwocents, where they discuss this exact topic and explain it rather well. Both regarding the bot itself, how it works, how eBay works in this instance and how/what it does as an effect as a whole. I personally found it very interesting

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