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Old 15-02-21, 09:37 AM
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Ryzen 5000 Series high failure rates?

has anyone seen similiar reports?


i find it a bit strange that a big tech website reports about this with only one PC vendor (nobody ever heard of **) reporting defect CPU´s.

they should ask at least a few more retailers what their RMA numbers are.
and they should do that before making such a damaging article public.

i don´t give much about comments on wccftech as many are from intel fanboys disguising as AMD users (everyone knows how toxic this fanboyism has become).
but it should not be impossible for wccftech to get a few retailers to comment on this.

when i look at mindfactory here in germany i see this:

12000+ sold 5800x cpus

5900x (3000+ sold)

when people complain they complain about the high price.

one person reported a defect DOA CPU.
but it´s easy to bend a pin on ryzen cpus when you are not careful.. so who knows who is to blame.

maybe overclock3d could do better than wccftech and ask mindfactory?
would sure be a more interesting article than "licensing winrar"

Originally Posted by PowerGPU Website
I have been building PC's since 1999 and so far I am on number 795, Its a big passion of mine to put them together.


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Old 15-02-21, 11:35 AM
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PowerGPU has since deleted their Tweet and TBH their sample size is very small.

We have contacted some local vendors, who ship in much higher volumes, for comment.
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Old 15-02-21, 09:19 PM
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I've heard a few anecdotes about 5900X requiring overvolting or underclocking to become stable, but more data is needed for swiping claims.
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