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Old 12-06-20, 06:35 PM
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Need help with Fan Headers please !!!

Hi all curently i am in the final stage of collecting parts for my NEW build and i have come to realise i need to power up about 11 fans incuding ofc the water coolers fans i would like your help once again .
case : Lian Li Dynamic 011 XL ROG
motherboard : asus ROG GENE XI Z390
fans : for intake - 6 on the 360 kraken 2 on the botom of case these fans will be Noctua NF-F12 PWM Chromax Black 120mm more specifications are
Max. input power 0,6 W
Max. input current 0,05 A
Operating voltage 12 V
For exhaust i am thinking of using the 3 fans left over from the kraken x72 nzxt fans but not sure yet.
position of fans is 1 on the back and the last 2 on the top !!!
Problem the gene motherboard has 5 fan slots manufature says the motherboard can power 7 fans how do i work out how to put fans and how many fans on what spliters ect ect unfortunatly i canot get a fan control panel from asus in my country and there is a posibility the node slot will not regognize it because in specifications list there is no mention of the node slot .
So i need some help on how to figure out what to do please ?

On my old build it was kind of strait forward i put the motherboard in pluged the 2 cables from the case in motherboard and fans started up the same with the cpu cooler pluged in slot and it started but with the new case things are diferent i may need to by somethink to control fans since only 2 slots on gene motherboard are linked to software the other 3 run on auto max fan speed and the last thing i wana do is damage my motherboard been collecting parts for a long time to build a new pc
Thank you all regards Terry

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Old 12-06-20, 07:30 PM
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From what I can see on ASUS' website, it has seven locations for PWM fan headers. One is labelled Water Pump plus.

There is a graphic here.

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Old 12-06-20, 08:26 PM
Terry1978 Terry1978 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2020
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Thank you for your time m8
I have the book guide of the motherboard and do c the locations of the fan headers i just do not know how many fans can go on one header without burning the motherboard i did not think of using the water pump plus hhhmmm ....
Original thot was to put a spliter on the fan headers for 2 fans or 3 fans then was looking at the A on each fan that is 0,5 so 2 fans will be 1A and 3 will be 1,5 A .
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