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need inspiration

hey brothers in tech need a little inspiration. i have been looking at an empty 900d for the last 2 weeks (mainly as work has been hammering me). before i bought it i had some vision about what i wanted to do (a panel to separate the psu and mobo into separate compartments). im not 100% sure how to do this. i was thinking about making brackets that screw into the 140mm rad mounts on the bottom to mount the panel. i have loads of plastic so paneling isnt an issue. also masterkleer tubing is freaking yellow. what the crap. got a couple of uv cathodes for when the mood for annoying the room with black light hits. i have 12 noctuas nff12s for the rads but i have never liked the colour and unfortunately the 900d has very visual fan locations so how would i disguise the sides. i dont know whether i wrap em in vinyl or make another acrylic panel to cover it and velcro the thing onto the radiator. hmmmmm. any suggestions

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