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X299 Refresh Boards

As seen in the news Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI will all bring out new X299 motherboards with the upcoming release of Cascade Lake-X release. Does anyone believe these boards are in any way superior for the new CPU's compared to the old boards? Sure they might have more M.2 slots and updated VRM/Heatsink design.

I'm considering building a new system to act as both my Plex server and use it for gaming, plus other minor tasks. I'm just really on the fence about which motherboard to pick. My choices are down to these:

Asus X299 TUF Mark.1
Asus X299 WS Pro (it's cheap right now, hence the consideration)
ASRock X299 Taichi XE (2018 refresh)

Pros: TUF board has 5 year warrenty, very sturdy board design, X299 WS Pro has a super clean design and dual server NICs, Taichi is just overall cool and lots of room for M.2 without plastic covers

Cons: TUF board has only two M.2 and one is located in an awkward position I'd say, X299 WS Pro probably has PLX chips and I don't need many PCIe cards, so this could be trouble for optimal gaming experience, ASRock in general has weird BIOS setup, often the settings are gibberish to mere mortals

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