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Old 14-09-20, 10:34 AM
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Serious Sam 4's PC requirements reveal why the game's not coming to consoles

This game wouldn't run on PS4 or Xbox One.

Read more about Serious Sam 4's PC system requirements.

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Old 14-09-20, 10:46 AM
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Finally the devs are ditching old consoles. This should have happened years ago.
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Old 14-09-20, 11:32 AM
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From what I've seen, the only reason for such high system requirements is down to the sheer number of enemies on screen at once, rather than any particularity impressive next generation graphics.

There is most definitely a 'quantity over quality' aspect to this game.

So many enemies on screen will likely mean very big draw calls on the CPU side, hence the 8 core CPU requirement.
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