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Originally Posted by looz View Post
The narrative of viewing large corporations as the "good guys" and "bad guys" should just die off. Personifying them serves no purpose and makes pragmatic discourse fairly difficult.
+3 Like every company they exist to make the most money as cheaply as possible. Many do the same at their jobs. Also Nvidia is a business, not a Samaritan organization.

I've decided to wait a bit, read up on some good reviews, then decide whether or not I'm waiting for a 20GB card or take the tenner. I also feel a 20 version would by default almost require a wider bus (or would it?). Having the reference card in mind, I also want to know how heat dissipation is with the CPU and RAM in kind etc.

I can wait and do what I do now. Studying has begun again also after summer so less time for entertainment also.

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