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Old 13-07-17, 01:50 AM
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Is the NZXT H440 fan hub PWM?

As above.

Is the fan hub in the back on the case PWM? I want to buy the Corsair ML140 PWM fans for it. They are the mag lev ones and need PWM to function correctly. Its not the end of the world as I could just plug into a fan header on the board, but I dont want to ruin the aesthetic of my build with more stuff plugged in on show.

It would be nice if they just plugged into the hub on the back. I remember seeing something before about the power coming from the hub. You cant control the speed on fans, they just run constant. Is this true?? Would it matter??

Any help much appreciated


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Old 13-07-17, 05:37 AM
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I can't speak for the H440 specifically, but if it is the same controller as was in the Phantom 550 (which was released at about the same time, so probably is), then it only utilises 3 pins, which means that it is voltage based, and thus not PWM.

There are plenty of PWM fan controllers out there, that are inexpensive. I know that Silverstone and Phanteks both do one that is ~$20 AUD.
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Old 13-07-17, 02:22 PM
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I think the controller on this uses 4 pins, im not 100 cement. Ill check when I have it open.

Ill look through a few videos and all now too. Just wanted to see if I could find someone on here who has done it or at least know what they are talkin about.

Might look into buyin that controller you mention. It would be handy but if I can avoid having anything else plugged into the board I will.
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Old 13-07-17, 04:52 PM
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The original hub was 3 pins
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Old 13-07-17, 05:56 PM
Graemzy Graemzy is offline
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looks like I might have to buy a fan hub too so lol

any recommendations on one of them?? I checked out the Phatecks one surfie suggested. Ill have to try order it somewhere else than the fans though. The place ill get fans dont supply it
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