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Old 28-10-17, 06:26 PM
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Asus ROG Swift PG348q or wait?

Hi all after much saving I am finally ready to buy a monitor to complete my build, but this is an area where I really don't know enough to feel like I am able to make an informed decision on what to do. For the last four months I had been almost certain that I would be buying an Asus ROG Swift PG348Q I love the look of the ultrawides and I really like the design of this Asus model, but then I read a little on this forum about the upcoming Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ which is supposed to release sometime between now and the end of the year and it has completely thrown me. This is where I really don't know enough to be able to split these two monitors, the most I can tell anyone if asked is one is IPS the other is VA (I think &#128578 and that the VQ has quantum dot technology, other than that just the things I have read their spec sheets. I would really appreciate your advice guys, thanks to the advice on these forums and TTL's reviews I have managed to get the components together for a system that I am going to be so happy with, this choice is literally all that is standing in the way of completion.

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Old 28-10-17, 07:15 PM
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Unfortunately I can't personally recommend the PG348Q. I've personally tested 3 of them and they both had the most massive backlight bleed that I have ever encountered on any monitor.
It just did my head in and for the insane amount of money that you pay for it, it should be flawless.

If I think what monitor you're referring to is correct, than the new one will cost even more than the current PG348Q.

I have personally just bhought an Acer Predator Z35P and I love it. It has the least BLB that I've encountered on any ultrawide that I've tried (3 x PG348Q's and 2 x Acer Predator X34). Plus it has a native 100Hz out of the box and overclock to 120Hz.

And personally, I don't really see the need for IPS over VA, since you wouldn't notice it unless you had them side by side. And when you only have 1 infront of you, it won't matter. This and the BLB issues, it just wasn't worth the price in my opinion to justify the issues.
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Old 30-10-17, 10:08 AM
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Im using it now, but its not the backlight that bothers me ( i did not get much at all). I dislike the fact that although ips, I have to overclock the refresh to get 100hz where with my old monitor 144hz was achieved with ease. This overclocking shows as scanlines in some games, e.g. RPGs when you have windows of text to read.

I won't bother with IPS monitors in future that need to be OC'd to achieve higher refresh rates. I should have stuck with my old screen the PG278Q.
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