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Old 22-05-19, 01:12 PM
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various things to comment here.

1º - I told you, AMD will never sell RTX 2070 performance for less price than a normal RTX 2060. That's impossible.

2º Many people are discussing if that guy was pointing at another type of $, like singapour dollar.

3º I think AMD is going to take the profit of selling a well hyped card , ignoring the fact that those Navi cards will come with NO SUPPORT for RTX lighting.

4º I said, in the past topic about this, that AMD has never launched a card to compete with mid-tier Nvidia cards in the low price. Cases for Vega 64 and 56 are clear here. So i expect this comment to be true and to be priced in US dollars. So, the top of the line RX 3080XT will be around 500$ or 500€ for Spain (added huge amount of taxes in this f*cking socialist country)

5º For that price, It's possible to get an RTX 2070. Even the next RTX 2070ti since the difference in performance between RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 is just about 18%. So plenty of space there.

6º The common price here in Spain for those RTX 2070 is just about 489€ (546$).

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Old 22-05-19, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Piskeante View Post
6º The common price here in Spain for those RTX 2070 is just about 489€ (546$).
It's between 700-800 euros in my neck of the woods.
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Old 22-05-19, 03:51 PM
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Yeah regional pricing varies so wildly even between areas with the same currency or similar tax systems and between different AIB partners that I don't see a point in paying any attention to any pricing except that on release for your own country. AMD doesn't have direct control over the final sale price.

I think if you had to make comparison across regions, it's probably better to just assume that they'll try to price the card against the same competitor cards in every region, whatever the absolute numbers are for you.
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