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Old 09-01-20, 09:01 PM
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Question 5700 or 2070?

I have a 5700, I bought it because it represented good value:
- flash 5700xt bios
- soft power tables tables
- overclock and get amazing performance
The more I've read/watched it seems that watercooling is pretty essential. This means another £100 on the block plus the rest. Also, drivers seem to be problematic.

I've yet to use the 5700 as I had some issues with the mobo bios and I can't be bothered with a custom loop so now the 5700 isn't as attractive as it once was.

I've seen 2070 for £50 to £100 more than I paid for the 5700, I could leave it on air and aio the cpu. The 2070 outperforms the 5700.

I've been out of the loop for quite a while so if I'm wrong let me know. I don't plan on changing my gpu for 2/3 years if possible.

Advice/opinions please
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