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Cheapskates don't buy 550€ CPUs.

But indeed, for longevity AM4 should be quite nice due to future upgrades. With Intel 8700K makes more sense since there's no upgrade path available, even in the future. Getting hold of a 8700K at a decent price later on can't be counted on either, for example 4790Ks still cost a pretty penny for those who seek to upgrade their Z97 rig... Since it's Intel's mainstream platform it won't even benefit from cheap decommissioned Xeons in the future, unlike LGA2011 and 1366. Though apparently that's also the case with X299 nowadays.

In my opinion 8700K is better than the R7 lineup, but you'll end up paying for it both up front and in cooling.

i7 8700k - 16GB - 2060 FE - 660p 1TB + MX500 2TB - HE-4XX w/ Topping D30+A30
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