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No real solution here, but if anyone’s interested this is what I did.

This was the problem...

2 X maxtors @ raid 0, moderate overclock (220 fsb) WITH pci/agp locked.

Everything fine for a while then one day application accel starts whingeing about a drive failing. Did what low level checks i could on drive. (plugged individual drive into my drive repair / check board, confirmed there was no hardware fault.)

So how to backup? There was quite a lot critical data here so starting from scratch was not an option

went and bought a 160gb pata drive...

Plugged it in, and messed around with ghost. Ghost only worked for me if I did raw sector copying. However! my MFT and MBR had become corrupt. (many of the files on the drive were being misreported. (eg a 50 mb autoexec.bat file) so a complete restore was out of the question, something more extreme was needed. Step in linux

I already have a copy of debian* with file tools installed onto a cd, so i booted from that and used a lovely gnu program called partimage. No fancy gui but you can specify common raid failure patterns. It took a while to get my switches to work (you need to specify raid stripe size in bytes and things like that) but eventually it read / repaired / copied the data fine onto my 160 gb disk.**

That’s all the sweating over and done with now the easy part.

Just use what ever your comfortable with getting the image back onto the raid. I deleted and recreated my raid array (horray 2X green status ok's!) Booted of my linux disk again, got all the drives visible and sent the image back onto the new raid partition. Rebooted job done!

*afaik the only way to get support for all the latest bells and whistles on our uber tech boards is to either load about a million new modules on to a 2.4 kernel or use something a bit more bleeding edge 2.6.9 works a treat for me.

**nb: one word of warning!

Don’t try, (as I did) to boot of the ide disk with ur backup. It got to windows fine then the application accelerator started to 3h1t its pants because there was no raid . It settled down eventually but then after applying my image to the newly formatted array, it wouldn’t boot because it was trying to use the standard ata controller to access the raid and the BSOD'ing. Probably could have fixed this, but not worth the hassle. Just use something else to verify your written data after image has been made. (easy way to check for me was the block size on individual files. on the first image the files were still like 1kb but 10 megs on disk)

Hope this helps some one one day

<ahref="http:>Amd Xp 1800 clocked @ 1725

msi microatx board with some via controller

1 GB 3200

1TB array

2 x Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250

:OnVidia Corporation NV11 [GeForce2 MX/MX 400]:O

Linux 2.6.8-2-k7

nvidia module 1.0-8178




</ahref="http:> [EP-UK] Uptime Stats]<ahref="http:></ahref="http:>
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Old 12-01-05, 01:06 PM
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Useful post there gorby m8. I once cloned a Hewlett Packard 5.25" disc onto 3.5" format using a BBC Micro - the HP rep nearly had a thrombie - just shows a little lateral thinking can lead to a solution to seemingly impossible problems!

Where's that blinkin dynasig link when u need it?
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