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Old 11-01-19, 07:56 PM
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Samsung Plans to Mass Produce 3nm GAAFET Chips in 2021

GAAFET is set to succeed FinFET transistors.

Read more about Samsung's plans to mass produce 3nm GAAFET chips in 2021.

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Old 11-01-19, 08:16 PM
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If anyones interested the limitations of FinFET beyond 7nm are mostly due to the increased threshold voltages you need as a result of the much larger band gap(The energy needed to be put in to jump from valence to conduction bands) caused by the effects of quantum confinement as a result of the required small width of the fin at that node.

Similarly, if anyones ever looking at doing a degree in electrical engineering, I remember semiconductor physics modules might not have the appeal of microprocessor design/software development/power transmissions/ect(All still great areas to dive into professionally though) but they're a really easy way to bump up those grades if you like your maths crunching, and eveeeeentually gets kinda interesting once you have the foggiest what's going on. Just try and not to get to caught up on all the quantum physics, it's not worth your sanity.
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Intel should be quaking in there boots!
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