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Old 12-09-17, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by krel View Post
I have the bolts here and they have thumbscrews on the ends, they don't seem to be able to be taken off? If I'm understanding what you guys mean of course
Pics please dude.

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Old 13-09-17, 03:34 AM
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no the threads for 2011 socket are different you'll need to source a proper socket 2011 kit from XSPC or any etailer that carries them.

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Old 14-09-17, 12:41 PM
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Sorry for the delay lads, ordered another mounting kit so should be here tomorrow with any luck, another question I've drained and flushed out my watercooling components will it be ok to leave them standing until I can get everything put back together ? I have work this weekend so won't really be able to get it up and running till say Monday
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