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Old 04-01-18, 06:09 AM
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thanks wyp ...yes, for peace of mind a block will be good in the Australia summer ..should get air conditioning unit but would prefer to spend on computers :-)

Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post
watched the vid and thankyou......pretty sure it will be going in the bottom slot if I get the hERO.....and something like that sitting on it with the bottom fan blowing onto it will do the job

and they ship to Oz by the look of this

Notice for international shoppers: Due to its light weight and compact size, we can offer attractive shipping costs of EUR 5.00 for this product to any destination outside the European Union, EUR 5.95 including VAT for any destination within the EU. Please select shipping option "Padded envelope" during checkout for economy shipping.

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Old 04-01-18, 10:39 PM
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Well, i dont know if you guys are aware of this chinese manufacturer called JEYI. I found this one to be interesting, and they have more M.2 cooling heatsinks. Ive used one with no fan on a client build, 10c temp drop with it. Give it a try, its dirt cheap (i actually posted the mini blower one, i will buy one just for the sake to try, and it looks cute lol)

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Old 05-01-18, 12:45 AM
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it looks like a Chinese knockoff off the EK M.2 NVMe Heatsink down to the disk on top

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