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a more detailed list.


CP-850 – Delta

CP-1000 – Delta

Basiq BP350 – FSP

Basiq BP430 – Delta

Basiq BP500 – FSP

Basiq BP550 Plus – Delta

Earthwatts EA380 – Seasonic

Earthwatts EA380D Green Cased – Delta

Earthwatts EA430/500 (Old models) – Seasonic

Earthwatts EA430D/500D Green (Current models) – Delta

Earthwatts EA650 – Delta

Earthwatts EA750 – Delta

EcoPower 380W – Seasonic

High Current Gamer – 400W, 520W, 620W – Seasonic

High Current Gamer – 750W, 900W – Delta

High Current Pro – Delta

NeoHE – Seasonic

NeoPower 430, 500, 550, 650 – Seasonic

NeoPower 380W, 480W – Channel Well (CWT)

Neo Eco – Seasonic

Phantom – Channel Well (CWT)

Signature – Delta

Smart Power – Channel Well (CWT)

Smart Power 2 – Channel Well (CWT)

True Power – Channel Well (CWT)

True Power 2 – Channel Well (CWT)

True Power Trio – Seasonic

True Power New – Seasonic

True Power Quattro – Enhance

Antec is a well known PSU company that has had questionable PSUs in the past. Their older CWT-built models were plagued with failure of their Fuhjyyu capacitors. Since changing their main OEM for the mainstream units to Seasonic and Delta Electronics, Antec PSUs have improved substantially. They now use Delta Electronics for their high end PSU's and are very high quality.

Cooler Master

Extreme Power 380W/430W PMSR/PMSP – HiPro

Extreme Power 380W/430W PCAR/PCAP – Acbel

Extreme Power ≥500W – Seventeam

Extreme Power Plus – Acbel

iGreen – Acbel

GX – Seventeam

Real Power – ?

Real Power Pro/M 550W, 650W, 700W – Acbel

Real Power Pro/M 360W, 400W, 460W, 850W, 1000W, 1250W – Enhance

Silent Pro 500W-700W – Enhance

Silent Pro M1000 – FSP

Silent Pro Gold – Enhance

Most of the PSU's Coolermaster brand are midrange budget/value models, whilst they will get the job done there are usually better options at the same price levels. The newer Enhance models are quite good.


AX-650 – Seasonic

AX-750 – Seasonic

AX-850 – Seasonic

AX-1200 – Flextronics

CX-400 – Seasonic

CX-430 – Channel Well(CWT)

CX-430 v2 – Channel Well(CWT)

CX-500 – Channel Well(CWT)

CX-500 v2 – Channel Well(CWT)

CX-600 – Channel Well(CWT)

CX-600 v2 – Channel Well(CWT)

Gaming Series GS600 – Channel Well(CWT)

Gaming Series GS700 – Channel Well(CWT)

Gaming Series GS800 – Channel Well(CWT)

HX-450 – Seasonic

HX-520 – Seasonic

HX-620 – Seasonic

HX-650 – Seasonic

HX-750 – Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)

HX-850 – Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)

HX-1000 – Channel Well (CWT)

HX-1050 – Channel Well (CWT)

TX-650 – Seasonic

TX-750 – Channel Well (CWT) (PSH(older) platform)

TX-750 v2 – Seasonic

TX-850 – Channel Well (CWT) (PSH(older) platform)

TX-850 v2 – Seasonic

TX-950 – Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)

VX-450 – Seasonic

VX-550 – Channel Well (CWT) (PSH platform)

Corsair (known for its memory products) made a big impact with their initial Seasonic-built HX series. All products since have been top notch and are among the best performing, quietest, and best value PSU's. The Seasonic models are generally quietest, but all models have excellent performance. The AX series is the latest and greatest series.

Fortron Source (FSP)

FSP manufacture their own PSUs.

Been around for a long time, most PSU's they manufacture are average to slightly above average units.


GreenMax – Acbel

Odin – FSP

Odin GT – Channel Well (CWT)

Odin Plus – Acbel

Odin Pro – Channel Well (CWT)

Powerrock 300 – CWT

Powerrock 350 – FSP

Powerrock 400 – CWT

Powerrock 500 – CWT

Superb 360 – FSP (300W model)

Superb 460 – FSP (FSP400-60GLN)

Superb 470 – FSP

Superb 550/P – Acbel (450W model)

Superb E570 – FSP

Superb E620 – FSP

Superb P720 – Acbel (610W model)

Superb E720 – FSP


Energy Force – Sirtec

Maxima Force – Acbel

Silent Force – Sirtec


EliteXstream (800W, 1000W) – Impervio

Evostream (600W, 720W) – FSP

GameXstream – FSP (Epsilon platform)

Fatal1ty 400W, 550W, 750W – Sirtec

Fatal1ty 700W – Impervio

ModXstream (780W, 900W) – FSP

ModXstream Pro 400W CWT

ModXstream Pro 500W, 600W, 700W – Sirtec

Powerstream – Topower

StealthXstream 400W – CWT

StealthXstream 500W, 600W, 700W – FSP (Epsilon platform)

StealthXstream 2 – FSP

Z series 550W – FSP

Z series 650W – FSP

Z series Z850M – Sirtec

Z series Z1000M – Sirtec

OCZ used FSP as its OEM manufacturer for a long time. Their PSUs were of questionable quality, being based on the Epsilon model. However, they have taken a big step forward since acquiring PC Power & Cooling in 2007. The Impervio units and some Sirtec models are excellent.

PC Power & Cooling (owned by OCZ)

Silencer – Seasonic

Silencer MK II – Sirtec

Turbo Cool – Wintact

The 1kW Turbo Cool is considered one of the highest quality PSUs available; despite being one of the loudest, it is a high-quality server-grade PSU. The Silencer series is good, although their are better Seasonic built units available, that are also quieter and better value. PCP&C units are not currently sold in Australia.


Seasonic manufacture their own PSUs.

Long time PSU manufacturer, all of their products are very good, one of the few OEM's to still make quality low-mid power units. Seasonic units are generally quiet, high quality and good value.


Seventeam manufacture their own PSUs.


Decathalon <1000W- Impervio

Decathalon DA1200 – Seventeam

Element ST50EF – Enhance

Element ST50EFP – Enhance

Element ST60EF – Enhance

Element ST65EF – Seventeam

Element ST70EF – FSP

Element ST75EF – Seventeam

Element ST85EF – Seventeam

Nightjar ST30NF – Etasis

Nightjat ST40NF – FSP

Nightjar ST45NF – Etasis

Olympia <1000W – Impervio

Olympia OP1200 – Seventeam

Strider ST350 – Enhance

Strider ST35F – FSP

Strider ST405 – Enhance

Strider ST40F – FSP

Strider ST50F – FSP

Strider ST60F – Enhance

Strider ST70F – Enhance

Strider ST75F – Enhance

Strider ST85F – Enhance

Strider ST12000 – Enhance

Strider ST1500 – Enhance

Strider Essential ST40F-ES – Sirtec

Strider Essential ST50F-ES – Sirtec

Strider Plus ST35F-P – FSP

Strider Plus ST40F-P – FSP

Strider Plus ST50F-P – FSP

Strider Plus ST60F-P – Enhance

Strider Plus ST75F-P – Enhance

Strider Plus ST85F-P – Enhance

Strider Plus ST1000F-P – Enhance

Zeus(ZF)(<1000W) – Etatis

Zeus ZM/ZU 1200 – Impervio

Silverstone have some excellent PSU's, and some average ones. The units built by Etatis and Impervio are excellent, the Enhance built models range from very good to excellent, the Seventeam units range average to very good, the cheaper FSP models are mainly budget-midrange units.


Evo Blue – CWT

LitePower 350W W0292 – FSP

Litepower 350W W0367 – CWT

Litepower 350W W0363 – CWT

Litepower 450W W0361 – CWT

Litepower 450W W0362 – CWT

Litepower 450W W0293RU – FSP

Litepower 500W W0294RU – FSP

Litepower 500W W0355 – HEC

Litepower 600W W0356 – HEC

TR2 420W – CWT

TR2 430W – HEC

TR2 470W – CWT

TR2 500W W0093 – CWT

TR2 500W W0379RU – HEC

TR2 550W – CWT

TR2 600W – HEC

TR2 700W – FSP

TR2 800W – FSP

TR2 1000W – FSP

TR2 Q-Fan – CWT

TR2 RX 450W, 550W – Channel Well (CWT)

TR2 RX 650W, 700W, 750W, 850W, 1000W, 1200W – HEC

Pure Power 350 – CWT

Pure Power 500 – CWT

Pure Power 600 W0121RU – CWT

Pure Power 600 W0318RU – HEC

Pure Power 700 – HEC

PurePower RX – Channel Well (CWT)

Tough Power >850W – CWT

Tough Power <1000W – CWT (PUC platform)

Tough Power XT – CWT

Tough Power Q-Fan – CWT

Tough Power Grand – CWT

Thermaltake PSUs have a long-standing reputation of being average at best. They switched their OEM to Channel Well (CWT) for the Tough Power and later PurePower RX series, which have some good units. You need to know what you are buying when you get a Thermaltake.


ION 350W/460W – Topower

ION2 460W – Topower

ION2+ 450W/500W/550W – Andyson


Black Edition – Seasonic

Core Edition – Seasonic

XXX Edition – Seasonic




ZM500-HP – FSP

ZM500-HP Plus – FSP

ZM600-HP – FSP

ZM600-HP Plus – FSP

ZM750-HP – FSP

ZM850-HP – Enhance

ZM850-HP Plus – Enhance

ZM1000-HP – Enhance

ZM1000-HP Plus – Enhance

ZM500-RS – FSP

ZM600-RS – FSP

ZM400-ST – HEC

ZM500-ST – Enhance

ZM600-ST – Enhance

ZM460-US – CWT

ZM660-XT – Enhance

ZM770-XT – Enhance

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Thank you azxx

Very nice to see all the exact models under each brand
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Hope it's not made by Hantol lol

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Hhhmm not seen EVGA onany of these lists do they manufacture their own PSU's?
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Originally Posted by mikeyc33 View Post
Hhhmm not seen EVGA onany of these lists do they manufacture their own PSU's?
This is an ancient thread. ;p

To answer your question, EVGA's PSUs are rebranded Superflower Units.
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Sorry for putting this up but I have to clarify barnsley's quote.

The most of EVGA's SuperNOVA series PSUs are Super Flower rebrands with some negligible differences (modular board, fan) in platform.
Some SuperNOVA PSUs are Seasonic rebrands, while lower tier Bronze series PSUs (500B, 600B ) are made by HEC.
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Guys there is a really good Wikipedia page about this. If anyone remembers the URL can you please tell me? Thanks
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I would generally say, if you are narrowing down on a psu, read some reviews most of the time you will find in one of them who is the manufacturer of the unit is.

More importantly I think you will find information about build quality and the guts of the unit which can vary even for the same brand/oem (manufacturer).
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Originally Posted by MadShadow View Post
Guys there is a really good Wikipedia page about this. If anyone remembers the URL can you please tell me? Thanks
My favorite site where I can find reviews and informations about PSUs is Realhardtechx PSU Review Database.
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