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[Guide] Motherboard Form factors & Sizes

Well I'm back once again with another helpful guide (I hope), we do get asked quite often on the OC3D forums "which motherboard should I get for my case" and that's perfectly fine with us, we don't mind, it's not a silly question and to be fair there are many form factors to choose from and sometimes confusion can arise.

So in this thread I'll show you all the form factors (I mean all) and how to make sure you choose the correct motherboard for your chosen case. Now I have overheard in the past misinformed semi-noobs in our local tech store discussing that Intel boards are larger than AMD boards.. WRONG! They are all the same, a Intel ATX board is exactly the same size as its AMD equivalent, it's as simple as that and has remained that way since the original PC standard "AT" was superseded in 1995 by the current industry standard ATX (Advanced Technology Extended), which still dictates the size and layouts of the motherboard in modern PCs. The latest update to the ATX standard was released in 2007.

Anyway here you will see a graph illustrating the dimensions of all motherboards currently available.

I will say this though, always check the dimensions of which ever motherboard you are planning on purchasing and be 100%, there have been cases of newly released motherboards incorrectly published as ATX when in fact they were EATX, so always check, whip out the trusty tape measure if you're unsure.

Now a when it comes to your chassis, a Full ATX case will take numerous motherboard sizes including ATX, M-ATX, M-ITX, EBX and smaller, always pay attention to the manufacturers specifications they will tell you which boards will fit and which will not.

I do hope this has shed some light on your future purchase and given you a little guidance in making your choice that much easier. If you have any questions please leave them in the thread below and either myself or one of our many knowledgeable members will answer.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein
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