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Old 22-12-18, 04:25 PM
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Phone/android bug.

Hey guys. I bought a Koolnee K1 about oo, 8 months ago? something like that. I love it, and I love the screen, but it has one bug that is driving me nuts.

I can't change the wallpaper.. Let me rephrase that.. If I change the wallpaper it changes to whatever I want. However, when I reboot the phone it diverts back to the stock image. I have installed three new ROMs from Koolnee, yet still this issue persists. It's annoying, because I absolutely love the phone (the screen is top notch) but this issue pees me off.

Is there any way to hack into the ROM and change the stock image, keeping its name, and then that way it would display what I want on there? or is there an app that can get me around this? I remember using a file viewer on my Oppo because it too had a few small bugs.


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