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Old 19-01-14, 08:11 PM
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Need help! 4770k won't overclock at all, stuck at 800mhz

So my system was running fine, had it overclocked at 4.2GHz 1.23v, bit of a crappy CPU but non the less I was happy with it. Then whilst playing games I got the BSOD in windows 8. Reset the computer and checked CPU readings since usually that blue screen the uncorrectable error is related to voltage in my case except this time it doesn't go anything above 800MHz with a fluctuating low voltage. I tried resetting the bios, switching to an older bios, changing the clock settings and nothing will work, I can't play games, I am literally panicking because this is beyond me and most stuff I'm calm about because I can fix it.
My specs:

msi z87 gd65
corsair 16gb ram
msi 770
coolermaster 600w silent pro gold
noctua nh u14s

anything else just ask

please, help

EDIT: Panic over it turns out my power management settings set the maximum cpu to only 5%, same as the minimum. Set it to a 100% and went back to normal. Don't understand why it did that though.

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