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Originally Posted by jimma47 View Post
Do they really have a legal obligation? Legit question - not being rude - I just can't think of a precedent.

I think the difference is that they have agreed to provide updates for everything that was out at the time W7 and 8.1 were for sale and was supported/certified.

Now the CPU environment has evolved slightly and they're saying Ryzen/Kaby are not officially supported products so no updates for people that get the old OS working on the new hardware.

They never claimed Ryzen or Kaby would support W7/8.1. There may be things that just dont' work properly. There may be things that will require a lot of development to ensure they're not compromised. Dollars better spent not pandering to people that like to put old software on new hardware.

There was a similar discussion with a dude that was complaining that the new Direct X 12 (IIRC) wouldn't work on his GTX 460 or something. It's the same principle but with reversed hardware/software
Officially and legaly microsoft is OBLIGED to provide security updates for windows 7 and 8.1 until their extended support period is over for each product, however, the "new features" period has ended for both windows 8.1 and windows 7 ... that means support for a new cpu is a "feature" so if they choose not to support said cpu then you can't take them to court... Especially when everything that works in win 7 will work on 10 and windows 7 to 10 is a free upgrade



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