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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Tom posted the 505 BIOS here.
Careful. This won't be covered by warranty. It is not officially released by Asus.
This is exactly why i wanted to check... im happy with where i have my cpu and ram and dont want to upset the apple cart lol

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TTL you mentioned music producers in this video. But Ryzen is not good for music production (MP). The workload is a bit different in MP compared to the rest of production world. When you render photos, videos, models you can split the render into multiple segments and which one finishes when isn't important. Finish one segment go to the random next one. Therefore you can gain better results by having more cores. But in MP, as said in the article from Fruity Loops site, that is not the way.


"There are long lists of tasks that must be processed in sequence, and this means logically can't be simultaneously multithreaded. For example: Plugins must wait for instructions from the Piano roll and Playlist before they make sound. Effects must wait for the audio stream from upstream instrument plugins before they can process it."

Yes the number of cores matter but more is not the merrier. Single thread performance is much more important in MP, because successive tasks can be processed faster. More cores mean more successive strings of tasks can be processed at the same time. There are many multi thread optimizations in modern DAWs but they all go to a point where more cores just can't give more performance.

Lack of single core power from Ryzen would only result in bunch of cores waiting on each other.

The best CPU for music production probably is i7-7700K because of it's insane single thread performance. (X99 CPUs can be argued Edit: "They give better performance but price is just too steep for the gain, and they are for the full blown studios") It can finish successive strings of tasks much faster, and then go to the next ones without having to wait.
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