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Old 11-03-17, 06:57 PM
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Crosshair VI RAM stability & FAN speeds

I couldn't help but seek some help after the Crosshair VI review went up...
I have 2 main issues at the moment;
  • massive stability issues with ram even at 2133mhz
  • AIO fans running at 90% always

I'm running 1800x and Gskill Ripjaws V 3000mhz 32GB kit (f4-3000c15q-32gvrb).
I have tried all the DOCP settings up to 3000mhz but not getting it to post as high as that. Memory test passed at 2444mhz on bios 5803 but it keeps crashing regularly. Took it back down to 2133mhz but also getting loads of issues (especially when playing Rust). Q-Code I keep getting is '8'. I have tried all 3 BIOS currently out for the board...

Issue with the fans I'm having is with AI Tweaker (and after bios changes to take minimum speeds down) fans on CPU cooler (Arctic Liquid Freezer 360) don't go down below 1388rpm. AIO Pump is connected to the AIO header and CPU fans are on CPU_1.

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Old 12-03-17, 10:34 AM
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Ram is funny AF atm but thats down to AMD.

Set a custom fan curve. Your CPU will be idling at 50+ thats why the fans are always up.
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