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Old 01-03-17, 03:12 AM
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Black Corsair 780t 1080 SLI Hardline Build

Hello everyone,

I've been working on acquiring parts for my current build over the last few months and am finally within view of the finish. This first post is to more explain what hardware the build has and what work I still need to finish to get to the end. Please let me know if my decisions don't make any sense or if there is something I can do better

I have everything on the lists in my hands except for the CableMod cables as they seem to be behind :P

Corsair 780t Black
6700k @5ghz 1.39v
Maximus VIII Formula (with armor and power delivery block painted black)
Corsair Dom Plat 16gb 3000mhz
Samsung 950 Pro 512gb
Mushkin Reactor 1tb ssd (dedicated to steam)
2 x gtx 1080 fe
Corsair RM1000i
CableMod custom length cables (only piece still in transit)
Acer XB271HK 4K 60hz Gsync monitor

EK 360mm XE Rad
EK 360mm SE Rad
Laing D5 Vario
EK D5 Rev Evo
Many EK crompression fittings for both hard and soft tubing
Various angled and other "special" fittings
EK black nickel pass through fittings (for passing through acrylic shrouds)
EK Supremacy Evo Acetal black
EK FC 1080 blocks with back plates
Swiftech acrylic res (goes on the back of the mobo tray)
EK Blood Red Koolant
12 x Corsair ml120 fans for push/pull
Silverstone pwm fan hubs for rad fans

So I've completely taken apart the case recently in order to change over the paint scheme from Ferrari Red with black carbon fiber side panels to having a black gloss finish with small red accents. Today, 2/28/2017, I finally finished sanding down the metal parts of the case and will be starting to air brush them this week. Between painting I'll be making the acrylic shrouds to cover both rads plus fans, psu, and pump. All of the area behind the acrylic will have soft tubing and anything visible will be petg.

Having the weird work schedule currently will force me to work on it sparingly, however, the in-laws will be visiting in 3 weeks so it "has" to be finished by then. I'll upload some photos of the previous iterations tomorrow with some photos of our tiny apartment that looks like an EK bomb went off in it (getting my new Jarvis desk a few days ago didn't help matters).

Again, let me know if you think I should change anything as im not great at this yet :/

Edit: Possibly going back to a Deadpool theme so it matches my artwork and my "new" copy of New Mutants #98

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Old 08-03-17, 08:04 AM
JeffThePanda JeffThePanda is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
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Just a few quick photos, I've been sick and working a lot so progress has been very slow. Received my Jarvis adjustable height standing/sitting desk and popped it all together to help with everything else:

Painted the mobo armor black with the same airbrush paint I'm going to use on the exterior of the case and mounted all of the fittings and blocks:

Finally, bought a $12 RGB LED strip for the desk:

All told, the total setup cost is currently sitting at ~$7500USD. Hopefully it won't grow too much more...
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Old 08-03-17, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by JeffThePanda View Post
All told, the total setup cost is currently sitting at ~$7500USD. Hopefully it won't grow too much more...
Damn son! We got a millionaire here! ... But yeah, let's hope not (which it probably will, just some little more )...
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Old 09-03-17, 06:56 PM
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I see that is built here is not just a computer, but the whole position - a lot of work, good luck and curiosity I looked here.
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1080 sli, 780t, hardline

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