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Originally Posted by tolagarf View Post
What ratio would you mix vinegar with water when cleaning radiators and how long do you let it soak? Think I used 1:10 and gave it 1 hour
use it neat. I cap my rad, fill it up (giving it a shake to make sure it's gone around) then cap it and stand it on one end for an hour, other end for an hour. Drain, then flush. Once it's flushed put it on the radiator (I know right, radiator on a radiator lol) and it will dry fast because the copper/alu will soon get very warm.

I might try blasting it through with a hair dryer today if I get impatient.


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Just took apart the other block, and to my surprise it's actually pretty clean with the exception of a tiny amount of gunk near the jet plate area. So I'm only seeing green stuff on my nickel parts including my fittings, this has to be oxidation in my mind... I mean had it been algae I would had expected it to be everywhere

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