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Old 11-12-12, 03:58 PM
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Project: The Golden Knight

Hey OC3D community,
New to OC3D forums as you probably can tell, but i would like to share my personal build on OC3D as Tom's videos have convinced me.

So when exams hit, i side lined my personal rig. I for some reason still had spare time to build heaps of rigs for friends, family and customers but none really for myself. I guess it was like a part time job almost. Any way so now that exams are over I have decided to build my self a nice little (well if you call a boring TJ07 small ) rig for some 27" action

i5 3570K simply because the i7 is another 100 bucks.

MSI MPower Z77 (definitely) Its all black PCB is what appealed to me the most.

G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-1600C9D-16GXM 16GB - kind of undecided on this one, really interested in some Platinums, but i might get this and paint the heatsinks my self, then again G.Skill isn't really renowned for its quality. OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR RAM. not looking for anything pricy.

GTX 580s From EVGA x 2 that already have koolance water blocks on em with back plates. because i have them

Intel 520 180 GB SSD just because i already have it

D5 pump (this thing is so common i dont have to say anything)

CPU-380i just to match the koolance waterblocks

Primochill white tubing 7/16 ID 5/8 OD everything is going to be black, need a little white to mix it up.

Bitspower Black barb 1/2 inch fittings cause i am cheap, also in all honestly i prefer the look of these

XSPC RX480 seems like thats the norm for everyone with TJ07

XSPC D5 Dual Bay Reservoir and Pump Combo

Corsair SP120 Quite Editions X 6

Segate 2tb HDD as i already have it

SilverStone 1000w Gold Rev, with Bitfenix white cable extensions.

Some extra stuff:
Cold Zero TJ07 light box
Cold Zero TJ07 roof perspex (i could realistically do it myself, but i want it to be flush with roof's surface, anything less then that, I'll go insane.)

I wouldn't call my self a fan of Batman i think i am intrigued in the notion of what drives a man like that. This simple curiosity lead to me discovering a film franchies that was entertaining as it was interesting. None the less a film is a film and a comic book superhero is just a comic book superhero. But i have always looked at literature with the hope of gaining some knowledge whether that be through fiction or non fiction, and that is what i saw in Batman. I think we can all learn a thing or two from characters of passion, persistence, and some times of mistakes, as they tend to shape us. Which is why when i build this Rig I do not only want it to be good looking, but also symbolizes some human elements, whether some one cares about them or not is entirely their choice and what they relate to more, but i think this is right for me. Any way enough of the boring talk basically this RIG is going to follow a Black and White theme with addition of a few Batman symbols and what not.

Unfortunately when i got the TJ07, its was pretty un heard of, but it seemed to catch on quite quickly, for obvious reasons, its none-the-less a great case, its just the bar for Rigs in this case have been set really high. I am probably not going to make this case suddenly all interesting but i will try my hardest to keep it far from boring. At the moment I looking to etch a TDKR symbol into into the side panel windows, once that is complete i will be revisiting a nice flat LED trick that i used in the past for edge lighting.

Any way let the photos begin.

Just so you guys know what i was dealing with (took this pic a while ago so, i am sorry if you goes all giant on you.)

So i had a AIO liquid cooling system, that obviously didn't fit in the TJ07, so i gehto modded it into the 5.25" bay, basically forced it in... realistically for i7 920 on stock i can't remember why i got it. I had the good old AMD6970 until recently i found a couple of cheap ones on OCAU forums in Australia.

So... disassembling lead to this...

tested the cards out and put waterblocks on them (Sorry for some reason the Jelly Bean Samsung rom for the S2 gave me bad shots)

So tore the case down to its bits and pieces so i could get it powder coated.
Now again, i probably could have and should have done it myself but I wanted a very specific type of black, Mannex Black. So i decided to cough up 60 AUD for the powder coat.


Now i should clarify that the doggy dermal work wasn't mine, rather the scars of the pervious owner.

thats all for now folks, the next update is about 1-2 weeks away unfortunately, waiting of Cold Zero to ship the parts might upload a couple of photos of the etching work in the mean time


Will update the first post regularly for pages where the pics are located.

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