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Old 18-01-20, 12:55 PM
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AMD's Lisa Su reconfirms that we will see "Big Navi" in 2020

AMD will also be talking about Zen 3 later this year.

Read more about AMD's Lisa Su reconfirming that "Big Navi" will arrive in 2020.

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Old 18-01-20, 01:22 PM
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I just hope with the 5950/70 or whatever their top end GPU is called, They don't pull an Nvidia and go nuts with the pricing.
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Old 18-01-20, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
I just hope with the 5950/70 or whatever their top end GPU is called, They don't pull an Nvidia and go nuts with the pricing.
Hopefully AMD will be wise enough to know the value of both next-gen consoles and know that PC needs to get cheaper on the GPU side. TBH, the value of GPUs over £400 makes no sense. An RTX 2080 Ti is typically around 2x faster than an RTX 2060 and costs well over 3x as much.

AMD has priced to compete with Nvidia with the RX 5XXX series so far, forcing price decreased with the Super series and now the RTX 2060, but we need AMD to push further.

The problem is that AMD needs Radeon to make money, and until they have raytracing and other new features under their belt, they just need to keep Radeon moving on until they are ready to make their big push.

If the IGPU improvements in the Ryzen 4000 mobile series CPUs are anything to go by, AMD has some non-architectural changes that they can make to their GPUs that could yield some good results on desktop. They got an over 50% boost in per CU performance while staying on Vega because of smarter component placement, which could mean that AMD has solved some of its power issues. This may not scale as well on the high end, but it spells good things for Radeon moving forward.

If AMD can get more out of each CU in its discrete graphics they can get more performance/watt and more performance out of smaller die sizes. This could help AMD lower pricing, as their lower die size cards could target higher performance levels.

Ultimately, of AMD can execute a good roadmap with RDNA, they can move things around. The GPU market needs lower pricing and a push for big generational performance leaps. Right now Nvidia is keeping the same cards out there for two or more years and are not being pushed to deliver huge generational performance gains. Nvidia are becoming the new Intel.
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Old 18-01-20, 11:35 PM
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Does "The Bring Up" sound like puking to anyone else?

I don't expect to see sanity in GPU prices until the new consoles come out, and then people won't help but notice that console gamers are having a comparible experience on a £500 system compaired to their £500 GPU alone.
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Old 20-01-20, 01:30 PM
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Would like to see some good pricing top end AMD cards. I am saying that having a 2080ti.

Even so then I am probably getting a Ps5 or so for games.
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Old 20-01-20, 05:21 PM
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If Ampere rumours are even remotely true, either these cards need to be noticeably faster than a 2080Ti or incredibly good value. As WYP said, if AMD develop a GPU for the consoles, but release a dedicated GPU with the same technology for €1000 when an entire console costs half that, that GPU will need to be significantly faster. I don't see how AMD could with all fairness release another Radeon VII-style GPU when the same thing could theoretically be found for far less in a console, and expect PC gamers to be enthused and want to invest in it. I'm really hoping RDNA2 is more about bringing high-end gaming to the €400-700 class, not the €800-1000 class.
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