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Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
Good point but they do use the same GPU architecture and a 2TFLOP performance advantage for the XBSX is pretty massive, Just look back on the base XB1 and base PS4, PS4 was only ahead by a small margin in terms of raw performance but it made quite a big difference in resolution and frame rate, The latter being more important IMO.
Idk how Sonys api works anymore. When it was ps2, the game ran directly as the api was loaded from the game and the disk contained drivers (basically) and the os was closed meaning games had unlimited access to the hardware. I think they tried this with ps3 but had issues with keeping the os running as a secondary task and accessing data from both the disk and the hdd. I have no idea about current gen or next. I'd guess this isn't the case as you can now easily switch between apps. At the end of the day you can run the most optimized program on the worst hardware in the world and it'll probably run better than the the worst coded program on the most powerful hardware in the world.

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