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My spelling is not vary good, please excuse the miss spelled words.

Case: mountain Mods Extended Ascension:

PSU: Coarsair 1200w

M/Board EVGA X58 Classified

CPU Intel I7 975 Extreme

GPU Evga 580 GTX Hydros

Memory Coarsair CMP12X3M3a1600C9 9-9-9-24 1.65v Air cooled

4-Western digital Velocity RaPters Raid 0 + 1 (maybe Raid 10)

2 Plexter Optic drives (1 Blue ray)

2-360 Black Ice Rads

2-250 EK Reseivors

2-655 Uber Pumps

Bitspower Black Freezer Water Block Full water block.

Bitspower Black Freezer Mofset Block

Bitspower fittings

Tygon 1/2 x 3/4 inch tubing.

2 Coils of 99.9 silver

Distilled water

First I would like to say thanks to every one on the forums for all the inputs on helping set up this H2O system.

Had to build brackets to mount the 2 EK 250 reseivors since it was recomended that I do not install them in a horizontal position.

Made some mistakes on measurments. I have orderd a new M/Board tray from Mountain Mods. Miss located the mounting brackets I made. 2 Extra holes not needed that is clearly visible. I cpuld not get the glue off from the masking tape, Used alchahol and finger nail polis remover, No luck. Hope some one has abn Idea. Clearly visible between the reseivors at the4 top.

Re wired the 13 Scythe fans for cable length, eliminiating all cable extensions. Then sleeved the cabels. I have learned to appreciate all the cable sleeving and uni-sleeving that moders do. Very tedious on this old man.

Then I miss wired a three 4 pin molex nd blew one on f the scythe Kaze Masters. Live and learn the hard way. Now I check the wiring with a voltage meter before I hook it up. I also lost the Plexter Blue Ray Optic drive.

Have the new parts on order.

Had a difficult time figuring out were to place the resivors. Afte all the input decided to make my own brackets out of aluminium I had from an old Lian Li Case window mod.

The 120 mm blow holes are mod inserts I purchased on line. I still do not have a good air filter system to keep the dust out.

Will be installing the blocks this week

2- Scythe Kazemasters 6 channel
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Old 22-03-11, 04:05 PM
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