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Old 21-05-13, 08:59 PM
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Well I emailed these questions to Aquatuning support, but I figured I'd ask them here too, to cover my bases. Hope that's ok!

I have a few questions regarding Aqualis products I recently purchased. I bought the 880ml tube reservoir, but mine didn't come with the square bottom that is needed to connect to the Aqualis D5 pump top that I got from you. When I bought the tube, I didn't realize there were different versions. So given that:

1) can I purchase that square bottom piece separately? I looked on the website, but it only seems to come with reservoir kits.
2) if so, can I get one that will retain the waterfall effect with a D5 connected to the tube?
3) do you guys sell any mounting kits for the tube reservoirs that mount to the BOTTOM of a case? I want to mount the tube standing up (hopefully with a D5 mounted to the tube), but I don't have enough room to bolt it to a case wall. A case floor mount would be ideal.

Thanks for your time sir!

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