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Old 01-07-21, 01:03 PM
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Windows 11 Requirement Joke! The Joke Is On Us...

I do not know about you guys, but I am pretty angry about this system requirement restriction. I have a first-gen Ryzen 1700x processor. And quite honestly I would say it is hardly past its sell-buy date just yet.

I should imagine it is the same story with most Intel users who have now been told that their system is not good enough to run Windows 11 also.

What can we do as a community to make Microsoft see that they are making a huge mistake here? Answers on a postcard, please!!!

Lucky for me, I have a good system where I can upgrade to a 3800X on the same motherboard, but I keep asking myself this same question. Why should I? Why should anyone be forced to upgrade their PC's just so a software company can have their cake and eat it?

I am pretty angry about this move, and I hope the rest of the PC community will join me on this one. As I feel this should not be allowed to happen.

My PC specs are as follows.

Asus ROG Crooshair VI Hero motherboard, with latest bios.
AMD Ryzen 1700X clocked at 3.9Ghz with undervolt.
MSI Rx 580 8GB graphics card
32GB G-skill Flare X 3200
1TB Crucial SSD for games.
512gb Evo Samsung for Windows.

4 TB storage normal hard drives.

I won this PC in an AMD competition when Ryzen first launched. I still do not think it is past its best yet!
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Old 01-07-21, 01:14 PM
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You don't have to adopt windows 11 right away, having increased system requirements that put people on the path of prettymuch needing to upgrade or change things is nothing new for Microsoft, they did it with so many windows versions before this.

As for the TPM issue, who knows if that gets changed before release, i'd wait anyway before adopting win 11 untill most things are ironed out more smoothly.
Rig: Cpu: AMD R7 3700X. Mobo: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 wifi. Ram: Gskill Royal Silver 3200mhz cl16: Gpu: Msi RTX2070 Armor. Asus Xonar STX II.
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Old 01-07-21, 04:36 PM
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Indeed, it's not like Windows 10 stops working as 11 launches. Many ran Win 7 until EOL. Stuff like newer Dx12 features won't be supported by 580 anyway, only things you gain are UI overhaul, WSA and game load speed thingy.

Incorporating TPM makes a lot of sense from security point of view.
i7 9900k - 16GB - 3080 XC3 Ultra - 660p 1TB + MX500 2TB - HE-4XX w/ Topping D30+A30
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