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Old 09-08-17, 03:14 PM
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Phanteks release their new Halos Lux RGB fan frames

Make any fan an RGB fan!

Read more on Phantek's new RGB Halos Lux fan frames.
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Old 18-10-17, 07:13 PM
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These do look good and can improve the general aesthetics of your case, however the 140mm version reduces the airflow, the actual diameter of the the RGB ring is 125mm which is 10-15mm narrower than my Noctua fans. The restriction is obviously on the tips of the fans which reduces more airflow as they move faster than the rest of the blade. When comparing thermals on the CPU, there is a 2-6°C increase from stock temps. I'm seriously thinking of sending them back.

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Old 19-10-17, 06:59 AM
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But if the temp is manageable, is it then important?
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Old 19-10-17, 07:45 AM
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These do look great and gives off a nice glow. Like these.
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