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My 2018 Change Log.

In this I album I show where I started with my first custom build, vice where I am currently. Before August of this year, there was nothing in this space. I was broke, divorced, and was fighting for my kids. I'm linking the entire album since there are far too many pics to post individually.

Link to full build log (On Imgur)

Abridged version

This was my initial Build this year. The biggest issue with it was airflow on the S340 Elite being choked off at the intake side because of my AIO.

Pulling it all out for the move and a few more upgrades.

The old case donated to a friend's build.

Cable Management is a B****

Adding a few more finishing touches.

AHHH!!! Cables Everywhere. Don't worry, they all ended up tied down with Zip Ties and the cable covers that were included.

He likes to lay under here on my feet while I game and stream.

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It's nice to see your PC as it went through its transformation. Very nice.

Please note that we have a sticky post titled "How To Post Project Logs". This covers best practices when making posts like this.

I edited your post to mostly place it within those guidelines. A list of hardware specs would be nice to see at the top. Something like this (doesn't need to be in a quote box);

Intel i7-3770k
Noctua NH-D14
Corsair AX850
MSI 7850 Power Edition
8GB Mushkin Blackline RAM @ 1600
2 x 120GB Mushkin Chronos SSDs in RAID0 for the OS, programs, and games
1TB WD Green drive for everything else
Corsair M60 Mouse
Corsair K90 Mechanical Keyboard
The main reason why an imgur link alone isn't great is that it forces people off the site and makes it a hassle for people who want to respond to your post, as they will have to constantly move from imgur to OC3D and vice-versa. There are other reasons as well, but that the main one from a user-friendliness standpoint.

I don't usually edit posts like this, but I hope it helps make things a little easier for you as a new user.
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