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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
Not sure what you were using previously, but do you prefer keyboards with out an armwrest? For me personally, they have become a bit of an essential to me. Since every keyboard I've own have had it and it has been rather comfortable, felt odd to not have it. That being said, I just haven't found one without, that suited my needs though.

I've had a bunch but most recently been using Corsair K70. I prefer not as I use a separate rest depending on desk setup. I also prefer to hover type most of the time.

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Originally Posted by Kei View Post
EMI shielding on soundcards is a fallacy. This is the RME HDSPe AIO professional audio interface I use. No shielding and no boutique parts. Well designed and constructed using quality parts and not a sniff of EMI. It sounds equal or better than the creative cards and the asus essence ST I had previously. It annihilates them for latency and input quality and so it should considering the £500 it costs. (though I imagine a great deal of that is the xilinx FPGA it uses and the sheer number of in/outs and features it supports)

Have you actually tried Creatives AE-9 ? That thing sounds absolutely amazing especially when paired with a good set of cans.
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