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Old 04-03-15, 01:21 PM
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Okay I'll go have a look and try it out, thanks

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Old 04-03-15, 09:32 PM
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So after some testing I've now found the lowest voltage my CPU will run at and still run OCCT.

I started with all settings on auto and the core voltage was stable at 1.020 V during the 30 min test.
I then went into the Bios and set it manually to 1.020 V and ran the test again.
Here is the result after 30 min http://imgur.com/dC1USAJ

After this i went on and decreased the voltage .020 at a time, all the way to 0.940 V.
With 0.940V it did the 30 min run as well, here are the result http://i.imgur.com/6aCZ4uo.png

I then tried with 0.930V but just after booting into windows it came with BSOD.
Went back up to 0.940V but this time setting the test time to 2 hours.
after 10-20 min it came up with BSOD.

So i went back into BIOS and upped the voltage to 0.950V
Got into Windows ran the OCCT test for 2 hours and here are the result http://imgur.com/hqVrIoC

So comparing there is a small decrease in temps as there should be, but shouldn't I be able to get better temps with that low Voltage together with the amount of rad space I've got?
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Old 06-03-15, 03:39 PM
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I did a remount of the water block, and when I removed the thumb screws i noticed that a PVC washer fell out from one of the screws. I then inspected all the screws and found 1 more inside another screw. The washer is supposed to be used together with another socket, and i guess it had found a way inside the screw during shipping.

So having removed the washers and mounting the block again, put everything on stock and did a OCCT run.
Max temp after 30 mins is 42°C, now that's an improvement

I guess the washers made the block sit uneven on the CPU or something.

I've been OC'ing the chip today and so far I've got it running at 4.6GHz at 1.3V and a max temp of 67°C for 1 hour. Going to do some more testing and make sure it's stable.

Thanks for your suggestions guys, much appreciated.
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