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Old 28-06-17, 12:18 AM
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If the dram speed is being reported as 1550mhz that means the effective speed is 3100mhz. Remember that DDR stands for Double Data Rate. So for every "rate" you double it, example, 1800mhz is actually 3600mhz.

I don't see if you said anywhere in the thread if you did an AXMP setup or set the memory up manually. I would suggest do everything manually. Overclocking is pretty easy from what everyone says, memory is just a slightly different setup right now due to memory still being kinked out. In time it should be easier.

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Old 28-06-17, 02:51 AM
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um what i posted is just the cpu over clock havent even touched the ram i was taught to do one at a time make stable then move the the next sorry for confusion the f6 bios says cpu is at 3600 or 3.6 gighz but when windows posts amd master utility says 1.55 gighz, hwinfo says 1.5 gighz ... and cpuz says 1.55 gighz .....Sorry for confusion
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Old 28-06-17, 10:38 AM
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Just don't use fixed voltage, set CPU core voltage tu normal and put Dynamic voltage offset to something like 0.03v and you should be good to go
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